ApiCorp: General information
ApiCorp Documentation  3.10.3
General information

Integration of reuses check functionality from the "Antiplagiat" company into your information system will allow you to use the first and best Russian reuse search service within your own business logic. This means that the search for reuses can be embedded exactly where it is needed, called when you need it, check only the necessary texts and show the results as required by the logic of your information system. This site contains descriptions of methods and data structures for working with API, links to usage examples and additional information materials.

Data for test connection:

WSDL: https://api.antiplagiat.ru:4959/apiCorp/testapi?wsdl
Login: testa.nosp@m.pi@a.nosp@m.ntipl.nosp@m.agia.nosp@m.t.ru
Password: testapi

Please pay attention that this account is publicly available for testing purposes, so the documents uploaded to this account are available to other users, and we are not responsible for their distribution.

Check is performed by own collection (id: testapi), russian and english wikipedia from 2019 (id: wikipedia). It is recommended to send for check documents of at least 200-500 characters. In order for reuses to be detected, we recommend taking the texts of articles from Wikipedia created no later than 2019.

We reserve the right to clear this collection of documents at any time, so please note that the link to your document or its id will be valid for a limited period of time.

Integration requirements

The integration of 'Antiplagiat' solution via API into your information system (IS) should meet the following requirements:

  1. The IS must have a form for entering API connection data, which must be filled out by the IS administrator. A set of fields for this form:
  2. In addition to digital verification results (percents of originality, similarity, citation and text recycling) users of your IP should be able to:
  3. Next to the numeral results of the check, if it is possible to switch to an editable report, the "Update results" button should be implemented, initiating the receipt of updated results after editing the report.
  4. For suspicious documents a suspicious symbol should be displayed in the IS interface.
  5. Checking for reuses should be asynchronous for IS users. The users should be able to receive a result of checking the document for reuses (at the subsequent login to the personal account in the IS) even if they close the browser page or the document check form during check.
  6. After uploading the document, the user in the IS should be able to see the current phase of working with the document: the document is loaded, the document is checked, an error occurred during check, the document was successfully checked.
  7. Only documents of supported formats should be sent for check (FileType field). For other formats, the corresponding error should be displayed without sending a request for check.
  8. The document should not be automatically downloaded or sent for check again if its upload or check failed with an error. For such documents, the corresponding status should be displayed and it should be possible to run the check manually.
  9. Users of IS should have a possibility to add documents to index according to IS settings. Adding documents to the index should be available to the IS administrator or automatically performed within the document lifecycle.
  10. An error may occur when uploading/checking a document (FailDetails field). For users, the correct notifications of such errors should be displayed.
  11. Integration with the "Antiplagiat" system should pass the user ID in IS (ExternalUserId field). This id must be a string no longer than 40 characters. For example: integer; surname + student card number; GUID for a specific user; email; md5 hash of email, etc. This id is used to detect leaks of user credentials in the IS and will be reported to the IS administrator for investigation.
  12. If you implement integration in your box solution, then you can certify this solution and get a DeveloperId. The received DeveloperID must be transmitted from all installations of your boxed solution. Detailed information about the certification and the terms of the partner program can be requested by email partners@antiplagiat.ru.

Recommended procedure for integrating "Antiplagiat" reuses search solution into the information system:

  1. Watch webinar record, read introductory presentation.
  2. Download and study examples in one of the programming languages. Examples in all languages are provided with detailed comments that reveal the point of what is happening.
  3. Find on the Internet how to connect a web service for your programming language, if there is a WSDL. Connect here.
  4. Integrate "Antiplagiat" system API calls into your information system and check it for compliance with the integration requirements.
  5. Debug the interaction on the test account and inform the support service that you are ready for "real-life" integration. In the request, you need to specify the e-mail of the account on whose behalf API will work, it should not coincide with the root administrator account, and a recipient should read it, because notifications about technical work and changes in API will be sent to this address.
  6. After receiving the "real-life" data, change the connection settings of your integration.

Additional materials:

Please send questions and comments on API to the email address support@antiplagiat.ru or contact us by phone +7 (495) 223-23-84 (additional 2) of technical support service.

Planned changes

New functionality

  • (In design) Multiple API users in the company. In order for the external IS to be able to connect to API, it will be provided with a token, and not credentials as it is now. The system administrator will be able to map the user to the cabinet to which the documents with the token will be uploaded by default. Thus, integrators will not have access to login credentials, and each IS will use its own token.
  • (In design) Calculation of statistics of the document text via API.
  • (In testing) Adding a document to the index will occur asynchronously. After executing the indexing status change command, the change will not occur instantly. For each document, you can request the current status of the change.
  • (In testing) Information about the type of source (citation, similarity, text recycling) can be obtained via API.

Outdated fields

Update history

3.9.11 - 04.20.2021

  • Added support for downloading pdf documents in a choosen language. FormattingOptions. Russian, English, Kazakh and Uzbek languages are supported.

3.9.9 - 03.03.2021

  • Now it is possible to generate links to the report on cheating by field ShortFraudReportWebId similar to generating all other links to reports. Information about reports is also available as a data structure ShortFraudReport.
  • Now it is possible to generate links to the summary report SummaryReportWebId.

3.9.8 - 02.11.2021

  • There is an array for a detailed description of the authors of the uploaded document: DocAtributes.DocumentDescription.Authors. Careful filling of this array with data is necessary for the correct search for text recycling.
  • It is now possible to search for text recycling from the company's own collection. Text recycling is searched by indexed company documents if the Full name or CustomId were filled in when uploading the document.
  • Now it is possible to search for text recycling by the internal id of the author of the company CustomId. Specifying this id allows you to remove all collisions for authors with the same surnames within the company.

3.9.6 - 12.22.2020

  • Bug is fixed: value of GetCheckStatus(id).IsSuspicios was always false.

3.9.5 - 12.03.2020

  • The port for the test API has been changed to 4959.
  • If your company has run out of checks, then calling the UploadDocument() method will result in an exception.
  • Added an optional choice of OCR as a text extraction method UploadOptions.OcrExtraction.
  • Added an optional option to disable the search for reuses, taking into account editing CheckDocParams.DisableFuzzySearch.

3.9.1 - 07.16.2020

  • The value of "text recycling" is now in a separate field of the class Score. The meaning of "originality" is also separately taken out.
  • Examples were updated.

3.8.15 - 04.08.2020

3.8.8 - 12.24.2019

  • New type of reuses - 'text recycling', is included into "citation" type.

3.8.7 - 11.27.2019

  • Fixes in documentation. The documentation has become clearer and more accurate.

3.8.4 - 09.27.2019

  • The bug was fixed: pdf report can't be downloaded via API.
  • Examples were updated for php and python.
  • Localization of document types when uploading help via API was fixed.

3.8.3 - 09.11.2019

  • The method EnumerateReportInfos was implemented. The method allows to massively and quickly get information and verification results for the latest uploaded documents with the ability to filter by ExternalUserID.
  • Was added the ability to pass DeveloperId when the document is loaded.
  • The document attribute structure that is passed when creating and modifying a document is supplemented with settings DocumentDescription. The name and type of the document are set from the new structure.

3.8.2 - 08.26.2019

  • Was added the ability to form a collection of company documents approved for citation. Parameter of method SetIndexState IndexState should be "Approved".

3.8.1 - 08.05.2019

  • Was added the ability to pass ExternalUserId and document type via API when the document is loaded.

3.7.17 - 04.22.2019

  • In objects returned by functions GetReportHistory() and GetReportView() was added a field with flag of suspicious document.